10th ESSMA Summit: A Global Gathering of Stadium Experts

We at ESSMA are proud to have connected with 300+ participants from 21 countries at the Johan Cruijff Arena!

The 10th edition of the ESSMA Summit, held on January 23rd and 24th, marked a significant moment for European Stadium Industry professionals to gather and share their experiences. With over 300 participants hailing from 21 different countries, the Johan Cruijff Arena became a hub for knowledge sharing, networking, and celebrating excellence in the stadium industry. 

Day 1 The Johan Cruijff Arena shares its secrets:  

The summit commenced with inspiring keynotes from prominent figures representing the Johan Cruijff Arena, FC Barcelona, and AMB Sports and Entertainment. Attendees were treated to in-depth stadium tours, exploring various facilities such as the control room, tunnel club, changing rooms.... where experts shared insights, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the intricacies of stadium operations. 

Day 1 concluded with a grand seated dinner and award show where the inaugural Stadium Industry Awards were presented. RC Strassbourg received recognition for development, Johan Cruijff Arena for sustainability, and Racing Club de Ferrol for safety and security – setting the stage for an evening of celebration and acknowledgment. 

Day 2 Best practices across the European stadium landscape:  

The second day of the summit was filled with engaging presentations, panel discussions, and seminars. A special mastermind session on safety and security, led by Mr. John Beattie (ESSMA President and Arsenal FC Stadium Director), kick-started the day. Participants were then divided into groups, with one focusing on stadium development and safety, and the other on fan engagement and commerce. 

The presentations and panels delved into a spectrum of crucial topics shaping the future of stadium management. Notable themes included:  

  • Sustainability 
  • Stadium hospitality of the future 
  • Safe standing 
  • Stewarding 
  • Club content creation 
  • Enabling smart stadiums and the digital fan experience 
  • MICE business models  
  • Creating and unifying a seamless fan journey 

The summit brought together a diverse array of presenters, with representatives from renowned clubs such as RCD Espanyol, Arsenal FC, PSG, Manchester United FC, Everton FC, FC Barcelona, and Newcastle United, along with contributors from entities like 433. The blend of perspectives provided attendees with a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities facing the stadium industry. 

The 10th ESSMA Summit undoubtedly proved to be a resounding success, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and recognition within the stadium industry. As the global community continues to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities, the insights gained from this summit will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing evolution of stadium management practices worldwide. 

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