12-step programme to ensure safe return to stadium partially available outside ESSMA-community now!

Two weeks ago, ESSMA launched the second part of the COVID-19 reporting. This part focusses on some practical implications of the return to the stadium for fans.

ESSMA has gathered informed from clubs and industry-suppliers and created a 12-step programme to ensure a safe return, balancing safety protocols, hygienic measures and fan experience.

This programme can serve as a checklist for stadium managers throughout Europe who want to be prepared for this new chapter in stadium management. Normally, all ESSMA-publications are reserved for the members of the ESSMA-community. However, in light of the large demand from outside the community, ESSMA has decided to make the checklist, combined with the experiences of several European clubs, partially public available.

Discover the 12 steps to a safe return now

This way, ESSMA wants to contribute to the global restart of stadium-life.

Contact us if you would like to have more information or insights on this report and the 12-step programme included.

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