3 must-see speakers on ESSMA Spotlight

From 31 May to 4 June ESSMA will bring five 60 minute sessions during our second edition of ESSMA Spotlight! Every session covers a different topic ranging from flexible workspaces to matchday mobility and pitch management. You can select the sessions of your choice, but for now, these three speakers definitely deserve a mark on your calendar!

Flex offices at the stadium, is it worth the effort?

On Day 3 of ESSMA Spotlight Koen van Loon, Operator KICK Offices at PSV, will join us to share his experience of operating the flexible offices at Philips Stadium. By working together with an external partner, the Dutch football club is able to generate an additional revenue stream and allow the stadium to be used on non-matchdays.

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How to use pitch data and the impact of climate change on pitch management

During our pitch management session on 1 June, we focus on how to use pitch data and the day-to-day maintenance of a training centre. In addition, Geoff Webb, CEO at the Grounds Management Association, will tell us all about the research the GMA has done with regards to COVID-19, the impact of climate change and data gathering.

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Using technology to enhance the fan experience and welcome fans back

To conclude our ESSMA Spotlight week, we take a look at current technologies in the industry. George Vaughan, Head of Technology at Royal Ascot, will join us to discuss how the technological implementations at the British racecourse in recent years have led to fans extending their visit up to 6 hours, even though the race only lasts half an hour.

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