911 Security joins the ESSMA-community!

ESSMA is happy to inform you that 911 Security is now part of our broad stadium-industry community.

911 Security is a leading airspace security software and solutions provider. 911 Security’s drone detection software platform called AirGuard arms your team with real-time location of drones in your airspace, so that your security team is always aware of every drone threat.

The drone system produced by 911 Security provides protection from drones during match days. Drones can cause multiple threats, such as dropping small explosive projectiles on the pitch or even help smuggle a gun past metal detectors. Due to the easy integration of the 911 Security system in a stadiums security network a crisis, like described above, can be averted or dealt with quickly.

911 Security already has over a decade of experience in the safety & security industry. The company serves several clients globally, with a focus on Universities, prisons, professional sports organizations, critical infrastructure, military, venues, oil and gas, and of course several stadiums in the US and Europe.

ESSMA: “Technological evolution is an important aspect for the future development of stadiums, not only focusing on the experience and comfort of the fan, but most importantly, also securing the safety of the spectator and other stakeholders present in and around our sports venues. In different European countries, we have already seen that drones can interrupt or even stop the game, avoiding potential risks for fans and players. 911 Security has a user-friendly & straightforward tool to avoid this and be prepared for modern safety issues.”

Jason Reed, Director of Sales - 911 Security: “911 Security is extremely excited about our partnership with ESSMA. Aerial drone threats are one of the top security concerns worldwide in 2022. 911 Security delivers the best turnkey drone detection solution to arm your security team with real time data about the drones that are flying in your airspace. We look forward to helping European stadiums provide peace of mind for their fans by protecting their airspace with AirGuard”

More information can be found on 911 security’s website 

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