Ask ESSMA case: FC Twente Electric Pitch Heating

Ask ESSMA, our Strategic Support service, has been created in order to further stimulate the use of the ESSMA network. Individual questions of ESSMA members regarding any aspect of stadium management will be transferred to our industry experts, resulting in an in-depth answer on your inquiry.

FC Twente, an ESSMA Stadium Member since 2012, asked ESSMA’s strategic support in regards to electric pitch heating. 

“In the development of the training centre infrastructure, with 2-3 new pitches, FC Twente is looking at the possibility to heat the pitch with green energy, provided by the main sponsor.”

 Arno Roelofs, Head of Facilities of FC Twente


The set-up of this Ask ESSMA consisted of: 

  • Specific question: Providing an overview of pitches using electricity as undersoil heating
  • Requirements: Specific focus on Scandinavian countries
  • Expectations: Receive input on; usage of the system, ‘popularity’ of the system and information on installation and maintenance process


Based on the request of FC Twente, ESSMA conducted the research in two steps. In a first phase the aim was to detect the clubs and stadiums that are using electricity to heat the pitch. The second part of the research included the gathering of specific information from clubs/stadiums using electric pitch heating. 


With the support of ESSMA’s extended network of stadium professionals, the sample consisted of 134 pitches from the Danish, Norwegian, Swiss and German league as well as 13 individual clubs/stadiums.

The analysis of the sample showed that 5% use an electric pitch heating, the average installation period is four weeks with an average installation cost of €180,000. 


Both on league level (Norway and Switzerland) as on individual level, our ESSMA members pointed out that the maintenance of such a system is the main concern when considering using electric pitch heating.


“In a clear working document, ESSMA has mapped out where playing fields are heated by electricity. They also conducted research in the various European cities about their findings.”

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