Best practices on how to engage with your fans through video content

In this period of physical distancing, European clubs are more dependent on digital and audiovisual ways to keep in touch with the fan base. Platforms such as YouTube-channel help to engage with fans and to build a brand.

An ESSMA-analysis with 27 leading European clubs, spread over 8 countries, taught us that:

  • 100% of clubs have a YouTube Channels where they publish club content
  •  81% of clubs own their own club TV channel, and 63% charge a small annual subscription fee
  • 96% of clubs have published some kind of documentary on one or more streaming platforms

The content consists of several topics. Most predominant on Club TV are player interviews, full match replays, and press conferences. When present on a streaming platform, the content is mostly historical or behind the scenes documentaries. Clubs with their own TV channel or streaming platform include FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea FC, Juventus, PSG and many more.

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