Buchanan Consultants as new Corporate Partner

ESSMA is pleased to introduce Buchanan Consultants as its new Corporate Partner. Buchanan Consultants is an international transport planning and engineering consultancy specialised in the field of pedestrian simulation and crowd behaviour.

It is a pleasure and an honour to be welcomed as a new member of the ESSMA family, especially in the difficult times we are all enduring. Our main motivation is to continuing advising sport venues in responding to the Covid-19 challenge of making spectators returning and enjoying stadia in the safest way. Our crowd dynamics experience combined with the use of pedestrian flow simulation technics enable us modelling and predicting the behaviour of spectators under a wide variety of conditions, in all type of spatial and operational arrangements. From stadium ingress, egress, half-time and evacuation, to the interaction with car parking and street traffic and public transport facilities, at Buchanan we can provide expert advice on maximising pedestrian capacity whilst minimising congested areas, enhancing the whole visitor experience and the commercial potential of the venue. We will be delighted to talk to you and see how we can help.

Enrique Huertas García - CEO at Colin Buchanan Consultants

In LaLiga, they are helping clubs and stadiums with pedestrian evacuation analysis and traffic modelling simulations.

Their services focus on:

  • Crowd dynamics of sport venues and arenas
  • Spatial analysis for normal operation and evacuation of stadia, including integration with traffic and transit
  • Enhancement of user experience with pedestrian simulation techniques

More info about Buchanan Consultants

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