Building brands with content

Over the past years, clubs have been working on digital engagement with their fans. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend even more. The various online initiatives and brand building have been a trending topic of the recent ESSMA Summit 2021.

In our line-up, we presented:

  • Mr. Julien Michaud from the LNR:
    Topic: My Rugby programme offering unique experiences
  • Mr Bas Ramaekers from Feyenoord
    Topic: Role of content in commercial partnerships
  • Mr. Ted Pilipakos from Venezia FC
    Topic: branding from a new perspective

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Focus on Feyenoord: how they generate sufficient value for their commercial partner

How to make sure commercial partners gain sufficient revenue for their partnership in these peculiar times? A question Feyenoord tried to answer with a creative approach

The Europarcs campaign combined all the necessary elements to be successful.

Johan Boskamp – a respected former Feyenoord player – acted as a brand ambassador in a humorous video regarding ‘dreamseats’. The prize to win were seats high in the sky for an upcoming match day.

Watch the video

Although conversion takes time to win the heart of the fans, the campaign delivered great results in terms of aided awareness, both with the general Dutch public (+18,5%) as Feyenoord fans (+ 38,1 %)

In addition, Feyenoord collaborated with Disney+ for the documentary ‘That One Word’ An impact on the club, not to be taken lightly as cameras were present during 2 training days a week, all home and away matches and all European trips. The tangible results of this campaign are still awaited!

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My Rugby-programme: membership programme to monetize engagement.

The LNR has invested significantly in her digital strategy to grow volume, increase engagement, and realize further monetization. The result is a membership programme, offering unique experiences, priority in ticketing and other personalized services.

Just last month, the programme counted 165 000 members, a new milestone!

Direct link to the full presentation and video on Knowledge Platform