CAFE Week of Action 2018

On 3-11 March 2018, CAFE will organise its annual CAFE Week of Action - Total Football Total Access, which is an annual event to celebrate the wider inclusion of disabled people within football.

“Disabled people constitute the largest minority group in any population. The CAFE Week of Action is a fantastic opportunity for football to celebrate disabled people and the roles they can play across all levels of the game.”

 CAFE Managing Director Joanna Deagle 

CAFE’s objective is that participants organise more activities such as welcoming more disabled fans to attend a live match, players entering the field wearing CAFE Week of Action t-shirts and carrying Week of Action banners, working with local disability organisations and charities to encourage new disabled fans.

Previous years CAFE has presented a number of awards during the Week of Action to clubs, venues and individuals who gave it all they had to provide an experience for disabled people. This season they wish to celebrate the ‘champions’ who do most to improve access and inclusion for disabled people.

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