Cagliari Calcio’s new stadium – design proposal of Tractebel and GAU Arena

The design proposal of ESSMA Stadium Partner Tractebel and GAU Arena for the new home of Cagliari Calcio was unveiled on February 28th. Tractebel and GAU Arena are one of the three shortlisted finalists out of 25 bidders.

“Lighthouse for the city, generated by the sea and shaped by the wind”: this is the new “home” of the Cagliari Calcio stadium.  

The stadium concept of Tractebel and GAU Arena is designed for 24,000 fans, which could eventually expand to 30,000. Every aspect of the complex and its surroundings has been thought of, to make the "stadium experience" unique and integrate the stadium into the urban area and city life. The respect of natural resources is guaranteed by the implementation of technologies in terms of energy production and storage, water saving, and reuse of any waste material. The use of natural ventilation and the choice of technology with low energy consumption will contribute to a sustainable use of resources in order to get a Near-Zero Emission building and obtain a Leed certification. 

The proposed concepts are exhibited and fans and the local community can give their feedback, including a poll on their Facebook page. The winning proposal will be selected by April and construction is expected to end by June 2021.