Citymesh joins the ESSMA-community!

Citymesh joins the ESSMA-community! 

We are happy to inform you that Citymesh is now part of our broad stadium-industry community.

Citymesh delivers state-of-the-art connectivity and has over fifteen years of experience in managing high-end networks, both as an operator and an integrator.

The company offers a smart infrastructure with a focus on innovation. New and exciting technologies include 5G, smart sensors and data visualization! Over 5 markets are being served; ranging from governments and schools to industry. There are even connectivity solutions specially made for Offshore companies.

A variety of products are available, ranging from mobile data kits for setting up temporary private 5G or WiFi networks, to Footfall AI which makes it easy to get quick and clear insights in attendance figures.

Reference cases include the implementation of the first 5G network in a Belgian Stadium at the Cegeka Arena, hosting venue of KRC Genk! Furthermore, the Belgian railways, the city of Bruges and the port of Zeebrugge all have wireless networks provided by Citymesh.

"Citymesh provides wireless networks, including 5G, that can be used to facilitate daily operations and elevate the experience of visitors. We look forward to working with ESSMA to support stadiums with connectivity that is fit for large venues and meets their capacity requirements."

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