Close-up: Michael Lloyd, Deputy Stadium Manager at Arsenal FC

Last week we had a chat with Michael Lloyd, Deputy Stadium Manager at Arsenal FC and speaker on the first day of the ESSMA-BASIS Smart & Sustainable Stadium Workshop that will take place at Emirates and Twickenham Stadium in London from 7 to 8 June 2017. 

What are your day to day duties at Arsenal FC on match days and non-match days?

As the Deputy Stadium Manager, my day to day role is very flexible. One day is never the same as the next and that makes the job even more fascinating. I cover a wide range of roles going from energy efficiency and cleaning to stadium maintenance and waste management. 

Could you explain us your role at BASIS (British Association for Sustainable Sport)?

I am proud to say that I am a part of BASIS since the beginning as one of the founding members. Now I have my position on the Steering Committee to help and to progress the association.

Why does sustainability play such an important role in the future of stadiums?

Sustainability and making the club sustainable is the right thing to do. Sustainability isn’t just about being “green”. The environmental side of sustainability is obviously important and is being talked about more and more. But sustainability doesn’t have to be about the planet. Running your building efficiently is good business sense as well as good for the planet. Cutting energy use and recycling more benefits both. 

“ESSMA events are the perfect way to learn from others. We have all tried different approaches and systems. Some have been successful, some not. To exchange ideas and learn from others is how we can all progress and improve our operations.” 

Michael Lloyd, Deputy Stadium Manager at Arsenal FC

You will bring us a case study on ‘creating value from the waste process’ at Arsenal FC. Which story will you bring to the delegates?

You will have to wait and see!

What can delegates expect from the technical stadium tour at Emirates Stadium?

I hope people will see how we do things and take the good parts back to their stadia. But I also hope people learn from things that haven’t worked. I want to learn and improve as much as any other delegate. We aren’t perfect and we are know there is always different ways to approach problems.

Why is the cooperation ESSMA-BASIS so important?

Both organizations can benefit from this cooperation, because we can all help each other. BASIS want to reach clubs, venues and leagues and help improve the sustainability of all sport. ESSMA has the links to the clubs and the expertise to get the positive messages of BASIS into professional sport. Sport is a fantastic way to make a really positive impact across the sustainability field.

Which elements make a stadium SMART according to you?

A SMART stadium covers both front and back of house. Reaching out to those who watch and those who work.

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