Club cases linked to COVID-19 at the heart of ESSMA Spotlight!

No matter how you approach the topic, COVID-19 will remain an important topic worldwide and in the stadium industry in 2021. Therefore, several of the programmed cases during ESSMA Spotlight will focus on adapting stadium life to COVID-19, its impact on crowd management, the ticketing distribution and overall adaptations linked to stadium operations.

How PSG has adapted its ticketing distribution

How was ticketing organised after COVID-19, when a limit capacity was allowed at Parc des Princes? Which fans were selected to attend matches? Why has PSG developed its own secondary ticketing platform? And is it helping them to eliminate ticket touting? Arnaud Delpech and Thibault Jaillet will answer these and many more questions during their session on Day 2

F&B procedures & flow management after COVID-19

Emma Kelly - Stadium Safety Officer - will focus on how Croke Park safely adapted its F&B procedures, the measures taken to ensure the safest possible venue and how they will organise the crowd flow.

Seminar block: new challenges for safety & security

Both presentations of this seminar block will focus on how to safely welcome fans back at the stadium. Vince DiGennaro - Subject Matter Expert at NCS4 - will ellaborate their COVID-19 guide on spectator safety. In addition, Eamon O'Boyle will share how Irish sports venues will reopen after COVID -19.

Key panel discussion on the impact of COVID-19

Over the past months valuable lessons were learned in combining hygienic requirements, safety protocols and fan experience. Adam Baker from FIA, John Beattie from Arsenal FC and Cyril De Greve from ESSMA will guide you through the landscape of possibilities and probabilities for the year to come.

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