Connecting with ESSMA in 2020-2021

18 months / 9 events / 1 overview. Discover how you can optimize your knowledge sharing and networking opportunities in the months to come!

In the upcoming 18 months, ESSMA presents 9 events where all members connect and benefit from their membership in terms of networking opportunities and knowledge sharing. New, innovative formats have been created, off which the majority will take place online. As always, the ESSMA Summit remains the highlight of our annual programme! Be sure to view the overview and mark your calendar!

Overview of the entire calendar

"2020 is an exceptional year in many regards. The COVID-19 pandemic hugely impacted our members, forcing to change plans, and so did ESSMA. In the past weeks, ESSMA has taken the opportunity to look ahead and create the calendar for the upcoming 18 months. Our aim is to make sure our members have sufficient occasions for knowledge sharing and networking, in a safe manner, respecting the necessary precautions

 - John Beattie, ESSMA President                                                      

2020 Workshops take place on a digital stage

ESSMA maintains the workshops that had been scheduled in the fall on the same date, but opts for a new, digital format. As the global circumstances are unpredictable, it seems more appropriate to collaborate online. The designed format should lead to real interaction and collaboration, with relevant best practices and insights as a result. These workshops are free of charge, so select the workshop(s) of your choice now!

Safety & Security - 8 september

Pitch management - 6 october

Fan Experience - 10 november 

The format offers you a vivid discussion with our speakers, interactive opportunities and of course various best-practices to improve your stadium operations. Be sure to register quickly for these free online workshops!

ESSMA Spotlight kicks off 2021 programme

A fully two-day digital event, of interactive knowledge sharing and relevant keynotes, to start off your new year in the ESSMA Community. That’s what ESSMA offers its members to kick off 2021. So don't miss out and be part of ESSMA Spotlight!

A live keynote conversation will grasp your attention, followed by several seminars, extensive Q&A’s and interactive mastermind sessions. Top-notch speakers generate new perspectives on current matters and European clubs share best practices on safety, fan experience, stadium development and many more!

ESSMA Spotlight 2021 - 19 & 20 January

ESSMA Summit 2021 / 1 - 2 June / Turin, Italy

ESSMA decided to pro-actively transfer the annual ESSMA Summit from January to June 2021. 2021 is a milestone in ESSMA’s existence as it is the 25th anniversary of the Association. Join us to toast on this special occasion with the ESSMA community on 1 and 2 June at Allianz Stadium. In the coming months, the veil will be lifted bit by bit and registrations open as of September 15th!