COVID-19 crisis: how ESSMA Stadium and Corporate Partners approach the current challenge

All around the world, COVID-19 impacts stadiums and the surrounding business. Many of them adapt their products and services to be of assistance during the current pandemic. We’re happy to see the ESSMA partner network is developing several ways to contribute. Below you can read more on several initiatives from ESSMA Stadium and Corporate Partners.

Supporting the health workers

BOSCH developed a rapid test to detect the COVID-19 virus infection in patients in under 2.5 hours. The test is helping medical facilities make fast diagnoses and play a part in containing the coronavirus pandemic

Mapei is continuing to provide help and support to the city of Milan and other communities in Lombardy that have been so seriously hit by the Covid-19 pandemic by supplying materials and products to help build the new emergency hospital on the site of the old Trade Fair in Milan.

Venues transforming into field hospitals

With the Modular Partition Systems of Covermaster, venues are able to create temporary hospitals, isolation pods for shelters or divider walls for proper social distancing in queues. 

Example of Covermaster's insta room and safe queuing

Signify is using ultraviolet lights for the sterilisation in hospitals and clinical center.

The industrial panel flooring system of Matrax is currently being deployed across the US to support temporary COVID-19 screening facilities and emergency hospital triage structures. 

Creating awareness

With the hashtag #keepinggrassalive, RED Relvados wants to support the pitch industry.

24/7 Software is actively developing essential best practice resources for customers and industry professionals to utilize its software platform for COVID-19. 24/7 Software urges the importance of focusing on cleanliness and reducing risk by documenting and having a log of specific sanitation.

Technological solutions that minimise direct contacts are becoming more relevant. To that end, the face recognition system of Speech Technology Center can be used in biometric ACS (access control systems). Face recognition - based admittance control does not require physical contact, and thus reduces the risk of infection.

Expanding industry knowledge through webinars

Furthermore, several industry suppliers are launching webinars to stay in touch with their customers and as a way to get in touch with potential leads. Interested in one of the following webinars?

  • On 7 - 8 - 9 April, Huawei will assemble several webinars with a vast range of topics focused on supporting the global pandemic response with the help of ICT.

  • Dallmeier is organising a webinar on Tuesday 7 April at 4:30PM regarding the benefits of their Multifocal Sensor Technology "Panomera® 

  • Each weekday at 5PM CET, L-Acoustics launches a new webinar for customers to hone their skills. 

  • Pitch managers can join Recreational Systems International's regarding the impact of reproducing daylight the artificial way on Tuesday 21 April at 11:30AM.

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