COVID-19 report gives overview of impact in stadium industry

COVID-19 has transformed the stadium industry completely over the last months. As a European observatory, ESSMA created a COVID-19 report to give a full overview of the impact and subsequently alternative uses at stadiums and insights on how to re-welcome fans in a safe manner.

The first part, which is available on the ESSMA Knowledge Platform, of our report focusses on the impact on sponsor visibility, fan experience and matchday operations. In addition, we share best practices on matches behind closed doors, gathered from clubs throughout Europe. The second part will go into detail on matches with limited numbers of fans and will be launched in a fortnight.

Discover the report part 1

The report in 3 highlights

1. Overview of alternative uses during COVID-19 first outbreak

As of June 2020, when small crowds were allowed again in some countries, several stadiums launched original ideas such as drive-in cinemas or exclusive dinners next to the pitch. Clubs reached out to fans to either help or provide moral support. In addition branded hygienic materials became the next new thing in the fan shop. 

2. Impact on sponsorship visibility 

As there remained little stadium visibility, stadiums created new ways to guarantee some kind of visibility to honor sponsorship agreements. Branded player tunnels, double rows of LED advertising or ptich prints were seen quite often

3. COVID-19 survey and results 

36 European clubs and 8 leagues shared their thoughts with us on the restart of stadium-life in the current and next season. No less than 90% believes there will be a sustainable impact on matchday operations. 90% also expects an impact on the willingness of fans to return to the stadium, in a downward direction.  Part 2 of the report will give more insight to that topic!

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