Creative solutions for sponsorships impacted by COVID-19

All stadiums are confronted with the question how to offer added-value to the sponsors? Evidently, there is a severe impact for sponsors on their stadium visibility as there are currently no matches with public and a limited number of matches behind closed doors which are broadcasted on national TV. As a European stadium association, we saw different creative ideas arise from several stadiums, driven by other insights but nevertheless, all adding branding opportunities for their sponsors. All stadiums were confronted with the question how to offer value in this time period?

Three creative ways to add sponsor visibility to matches behind closed doors

  • Branded player tunnels. Larger bannering on the player gateways allows for more sponsor branding
  • Double or triple rows of LED advertising. Fewer fans in the stands offer the possibility to double or triple the rows foreseen for LED advertising
  • Pitch printing Some clubs and stadiums were already working with pitch printing, and their number continues to grow during this period. Feel free to consult our partner AirPrint to gain more information on the topic.

Solutions for those with terminated competitions 

Even when the competitions are closed for the season 2019-2020, there are still some creative solutions to be found to improve sponsor visibility. Sponsoring and branding of the esports division of current teams is an option. Dedicated apps to encourage relations between clubs and fans offer also more branding opportunities.

Other ideas and solutions

These are just some examples of the creative solutions we saw in stadiums.  
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