dasGate joins the ESSMA-community!

dasGate joins the ESSMA-community! 

We are happy to inform you that dasGate is now part of our broad stadium-industry community.

dasGate offers solutions to verify people’s real identities in the digital space through the development of technologies focused on facial biometrics, identity document verification and access control.

The company offers a variety of technologies ranging from anti-spoofing technology to digital verification of identity. All of the innovations are made in Europe and are easy to implement in every venue, so there’s no need to change your infrastructure neither digital, nor physical.

Reference cases include the implementation of facial recognition in El Sadar, the new home of CA Osasuna, convenient access to Pamplona tennis club and a centralized visitor management platform for Repsol, a leading Spanish petrochemical company!
Be sure to check out their website!

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