Digital Sports Day: what we learned from an inspirational day

The Digital Sports Day took place Tuesday 31 October in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Around 500 sports professionals were present to gain insights in digital marketing and the online landscape in sports. Discover key takeaways on social platforms, fan experience and big data.

(Personal) content is essential on social media

As sports fans are using more and more media to stay connected with their favourite teams, it is crucial to keep them entertained with creative communication.

  • Stand out from the crowd, we all suffer from a short attention span
  • Tell a story fuelled with emotions
  • Focus on ‘fun and entertaining’ instead of ‘likes’
  • Be there with your target audience
  • Social media is a 24/7 business. Anticipate on new opportunities.

The growing importance of influencer marketing

Digital marketing is of strategic importance for sports. In an experience economy, we’re all craving for the consumers’ attention. Influencers can underline your message and there’s no such thing as the holy grail of celebrity endorsements.

  • Make use of micro influencers and save costs
  • 63% of Generation Z can identify themselves more with peers than celebrities
  • A long-term vision is essential
  • New generation, different needs, act upon it!

Understand your audience

Get to know your target audience, keep it personal, define your strategy.

  • Target their digital behaviour
  • ROI: return on investment or return on involvement? Learn from your target group
  • Create a unique experience and let your customers do the marketing for you

Technology is always evolving

Turn digital knowledge into new opportunities and intensify fan engagement. eSports, chatbots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, they are impacting or disrupting the industry. Embrace them.

  • Let chatbots do the work for you, be available 24/7
  • Increase the stadium experience with second screens: real-time statistics, in-seat delivery, wayfinding, video replays
  • Look at new markets, new audiences, new sponsorship deals with eSports
  • Enhance live sports viewing with virtual reality

The big value of big data

Data and personalisation are key and have changed the sports industry.

  • Big data is big value, now make it actionable = small data
  • Segmentation is the new approach, optimise interactions, reward your loyal fans
  • Build a fan database based on interactions and transactions
  • Everything is data: forms, cookies, ticket sales, merchandising, etc.
  • Connected fans lead to new revenue models

This article is based on the Dutch version of Siebe Derdelinckx which can be read here: