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On April 23th, ESSMA hosted its first webinar with Francesco Gianello, Stadium & Facilities manager at Allianz Stadium. An interesting session, with numerous questions in the Q&A was the result.

As there were too much questions to answer immediately, Mr. Gianello has answered the majority of the questions afterwards. Here you find an excerpt of the Questions and Answers - session.

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What technological innovations are you planning on to handle the stadium life in the future? 

FG: Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the focus has shifted towards technological innovations that are related to hygiene and health. The most tangible ideas at the moment are new camera systems and the incorporation of thermometers in metal detectors. It is linked to the previous question. We are exploring whatever is available from a technological point of view in order to be able to make a deep analysis of what will be possible and reasonable to do. 

Are you looking to additional training of matchday staff to include new management strategy for COVID-19? 

FG: We are preparing some web training lessons for the stewards as they will need to help the working staff during the matches. The topics of the web trainings are on how to interact amongst each other and how to combine working safe with working efficiently during matchdays. 

How many staff members including greenkeepers are deployed in the stadium maintenance at the moment? 

FG: At the moment, there are zero club officials in the stadium. Home working remains the norm. We only perform the absolutely necessary checks, like for the CCTV camera’s and the fire extinguishers. Activities which were planned for the past period, will be restarted in May. That period, the beginning of May, will be used at the most for maintenance. Cleaning will be the first activity; combined with the installment of new hygienic equipment. 

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