Discover the latest stadium updates in the fourth ESSMA Stadium Development Report 2020!

In ESSMA's fourth 2020 issue of ESSMA’s Stadium Development Report you gain insights into the projects of SBV Excelsior and LASK Linz, an expert panel on stadium operations software, the COVID-19 delayed stadiums of Castleford Tigers and Peterborough United, our mobility survey and much more!

SBV Excelsior’s plans for the future

More and more stadium projects, whether they are redevelopments or new constructions, are including an urban redevelopment of the surrounding area in their plans. At SBV Excelsior, they are going even one step further and are planning to build real estate on top of their current stadium. To learn more about the project, ESSMA interviewed Ferry De Haan, General Manager at SBV Excelsior.

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The climate-neutral stadium of LASK Linz

Learn more about LASK Linz’ plans to develop a brand-new 20,000-seat Raiffeisen Arena. LASK has pledged that the stadium will be climate-neutral and plastic-free. A future-proof energy concept has been developed in partnership with Energie AG.

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Sustainability in the stadium industry

More and more modern stadiums have realised the importance of sustainability and are working to reduce their environmental impact. They’re adding eco-friendly design touches and implementing better waste management systems, all in an effort to make their games a little greener. We interviewed  Emirates Stadium, Estádio do Dragão and Croke Park to learn more about their efforts.

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