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At the beginning of September, ESSMA start a new chapter through the launch of a series of e-workshops.

The first edition focusses on Safety & Security, whereas Pitch Management and Fan Experience will take place in the fall. These free online sessions offer you more interactive opportunities with the speakers and new ways to get in touch with their insights. So be sure to register quick for this new experience!

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FC Tokyo: an Asian perspective on safe stadium management after COVID-19 outbreak 

FC Tokyo is one of the biggest football clubs in Japan, with a stadium capacity of 50,000 seats. Their outlook on how to future of stadium development is inspired on Japanese culture but nevertheless, holds interesting learnings for European stadium management. Particularly the view of Mr. Koji Ishii on the positive aspects of COVID-19 is refreshing and could prove valuable in Europe too. During the workshop, he provides details on the stronger connections they have build to the world and the accelerated digital transformation that has occurred.

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Crowd management: which factors are leading the decisions and what does the future hold?

Frank Wijnveld had built an extensive experience in crowd management. Important competitions rely on this expertise, just like the UEFA Champions League did for the Final in Madrid 2019. During this Safety & Security e-Workshop, he will elaborate on the 3 key factors of crowd management: density, throughput and crowd psychology as leading factors in the decision making process. Furthermore, analytics tools such as DIM-ICE and RAMP are being discussed with their separate benefits. Thereafter, the challenge of COVID-19, social distancing and crowd management will be highlighted as an important aspect of the new normal.

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