Engaging through Club Content - A conversation with 433's Lucas Bugter

In today's dynamic world, football content has transcended the confines of 90-minute televised matches, opening up new avenues for clubs and organizations to connect with their fans. 433, an organization at the forefront of this evolution, has successfully harnessed these shifts. In a recent interview, Lucas Bugter, Director of Operations at 433, delved into the company's journey, its remarkable growth, and the strategies that underpin its success in collaborating with club content.

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433, a football community boasting over 100 million followers across various social media platforms and generating more than 7 billion impressions monthly, emerged as a response to changing fan preferences. Lucas Bugter, with a background in the digital realm of sports at Endemol, recognized that traditional televised sports didn't align with the evolving habits of today's fans. Viewers were no longer glued to full-length matches; instead, they were engrossed in smartphones, seeking funny or informative moments around the game. Identifying an opportunity, 433 pivoted to providing free, engaging content, becoming the largest football community on social media and attracting attention from major brands and leagues.

The unique approach

One key aspect setting 433 apart is its distinctive approach to content creation. Focusing on celebrating the beauty of football, the organization steers clear of negative narratives prevalent in traditional sports coverage. This positive approach resonates with players and fans, fostering collaborations with major stars who appreciate the uplifting nature of 433's content. The content strategy, incorporating graphics, videos, and engaging copywriting, positions 433 as a second screen for football matches, resulting in a remarkable 16% engagement rate compared to the typical 2% for traditional football clubs.

The power of collaborations

Crucial to 433's success are its collaborations with football clubs, leagues, and brands. Working with entities like the Bundesliga and top players such as Lionel Messi has contributed to the organization's increasing popularity. Recognizing the limitations of traditional social media platforms, 433 has ventured into creating its own platform to offer football enthusiasts a more personalized and in-depth experience.

Navigating intellectual property rights in football content is a complex task, and 433 addresses this challenge through effective collaboration with football leagues and clubs to secure content rights. Mr. Bugter emphasizes the importance of collaboration with IP holders in creating high-quality, engaging content.

Expanding different markets & tools  

With the American market becoming a focal point, 433 aims to engage with the growing fan base in the United States as football's popularity extends beyond traditional strongholds. The organization's approach involves a blend of passionate content creators and emerging technologies like AI. While AI aids in content generation, 433 remains committed to maintaining its high quality and unique voice, utilizing data analysis to understand user preferences and enhance the user experience.


For clubs and organizations looking to enhance their content strategies, 433 recommends focusing on building a strong foundation of high-quality content. Collaboration with 433 can accelerate growth, but the primary goal should be creating engaging and authentic content to attract fans. The organization envisions becoming the go-to platform for football fans, offering everything from match highlights to unique content experiences, as it continues to evolve and enhance the global football fan experience. 433's success story serves as a compelling example for clubs and organizations seeking to navigate the changing landscape of fan engagement and monetize their content effectively.