ESSMA announces new Advisory Committee member Francesco Gianello, Head of Stadium & Facilities at Juventus

It is with great pleasure that ESSMA can announce the addition of a new Advisory Committee member: Francesco Gianello (Head of Stadium & Facilities at Juventus). We are confident that ESSMA will benefit from his experience and we look forward working together.

Francesco Gianello is responsible for managing the Allianz Stadium since its opening in 2011. Furthermore, he is also responsible for all additional club facilities (ie. headquarters, training centers, stores) regarding facility and multimedia management, stewarding and security. 

“As I am constantly looking for improvement and development to be applied to the Stadium and to all other club facilities, as an ESSMA Advisory Committee member, I would like to contribute to the development and integration among different activities in the daily life of a stadium.”

Francesco Gianello, Head of Stadium & Facilities at Juventus

ESSMA is fortunate to have a diverse group of advisory committee members who have the expertise and the desire to bring new insights and learnings to the association. Adding Francesco Gianello to our Advisory Committee is a great way to continue our objective of creating a dynamic group of experts who can actively contribute to ESSMA’s key expert areas. 

Advisory Committee update

In addition to Sebastian Seibt and Francesco Gianello who recently joined the ESSMA Advisory Committee, Sylvia Wahl will replace Birger Nass as Advisory Committee member from DFL and José Guerra will replace Alfredo Lorenzo as representative of LaLiga. We’d like to thank Birger Nass and Alfredo Lorenzo for their involvement in ESSMA.

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