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ESSMA E-workshop: Energy savings for stadiums

The current energy crisis is effecting football clubs all around europe. With prices for gas and electricity rising rapidly, costs for stadium operations are going through the roof. This ESSMA sustainability webinar will help give you some insights into what measures stadium operators could take to make their venues more sustainable and therefore more cost-efficient.

1. Luca Marrucci, Phd Sustainability Management - Erasmus GOALS
GOALS is a project funded by EU Commission through the ERASMUS+ Sport Programme, that aims at improving the environmental governance in football organizations. Mr. Luca Marrucci of the Scuole Superiore Sant'Ana, one of the driving forces, behind the project, joins us in this webinar to share insights into how venues could become more sustainable.
2. Guillaume Gouze, Consultant - A4MT & CDES Limoges together with John Creamer, Responsible CUBE programme - IFBEP
The IFBEP (Institut Français pour la Performance du Bâtiment) is a French organisation which strives to help make French public venues, including stadiums and arena's, more sustainable and reduce their energy consumption. As part of the programme, IFPEB helps create "ready to go" advice kits for each venue to reduce their energy consumption by an average of 13.2% after just one year, without any additional large investments.
3. Tim Hofman, Programme Manager Sustainability - Dutch FA
As part of their continuous efforts to help and inform their (amateur) clubs, the Dutch FA have started a cooperation with "De Groene Club", who make an energy scan (water/energy/gas) of the club and help them to become more sustainable. Mr. Hofman joins us to tell us more about this process and the results they have achieved with it.

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