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ESSMA Report: The Impact of UEFA EURO 2016 On French Stadium Development

ESSMA developed a report on the impact of UEFA EURO 2016 on French stadium development. This report combines learnings and outcomes from different sources: 1) Rapport Grand Stades EURO 2016 2) ex-ante assessment of the economic impact of EURO 2016 and the economic and social impact of EURO 2016 by Centre de Droits et d’Economie du Sport (CDES) 3) Stadium Development panel discussion from the ESSMA Summit 2017 in Lyon, France. 

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The report offers a nuanced view on the French stadium situation before the UEFA EURO 2016. The economic impact of the event on the French economy has been documented and ESSMA discusses how the UEFA EURO 2016 acted as an accelerator in the development, construction and renovation of these EURO 2016 stadiums.

The ESSMA study is based on multiple sources. The Rapport Grand Stades EURO 2016, written by the commission EURO 2016, indicated why French stadiums were not on par with their competitors and why this formed a threat to France’s sportive competitiveness. 

The ex-ante assessment of the Centre de Droits et d’Economie du Sport (CDES) made some predictions regarding the impact of the event and this was followed up by the report on the economic and social impact of UEFA EURO 2016.

In the ESSMA report, these sources are combined and linked with the ESSMA Summit 2017 panel discussion on stadium development in France with panelists:

  • Xavier Pierrot, Stadium manager Parc Olympique Lyonnais
  • Cédric Dufoix, French Professional Football League representative
  • Richard Cacioppo, Transfunctional projects French National Rugby league
  • Guillaume Gouze, Administrative Director and stadium operations F.C. Grenoble Rugby

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