ESSMA Safety & Security workshop partner: SKIDATA

ESSMA is delighted to inform you that SKIDATA is an official sponsor of the 2022 Safety & Security workshop! 

SKIDATA implemented its complete solution at the venue in Munich, with one of the latest additions being an NFC contactless entrance service that can be used with android and Apple smartphones and Apple watches. SKIDATA succeeds in handling the tremendous number of visitors (over 3 million yearly visitors) with ease at the Allianz Arena.

Discover the ‘connected fan’ experience:

For SKIDATA the customer journey doesn’t start at the entrance of the stadium but rather at your fan’s doorstep. Through the integration of SKIDATA’s complete solutions your fans will be part of the experience all the time. The complete solution covers a wide variety of aspects in a stadium. Ranging from cashless access, electronic ticketing, improved security and accreditation tools. SKIDATA is a leading company that operates worldwide with respect to access solution and their management. SKIDATA’s comprehensive solutions make them the first choice for stadiums around the world.

David Luken, CEO - SKIDATA: “We change the world of welcoming people.  Since the company was established in 1977, we’re built on a history of helping to provide innovative solutions that enable our customers to better operate their businesses to welcome their end customers into their locations. For more than 40 years, we connect clients, partners and visitors at the heart of the customer experience. Our customers offer smart sustainable convenience for their customers in a simple, secure and sustainable way."