ESSMA Safety & Security Workshop 2018: The Key Takeaways

On 13 and 14 November 2018, ESSMA organised its 3rd Safety & Security Workshop. After two successful editions at Stuttgart and Dortmund, this edition of the Safety & Security workshop took place in Copenhagen at FC København’s Telia Parken and at Brøndby IF’s Brøndby Stadium, where over 55 ESSMA Members got the chance to network and get new insights during presentations given by experts in their field.


For those who missed out on the opportunity to join us in Copenhagen, we have created a list of the 10 main takeaways from the presentations that were given during this workshop:  


  • Any effective method of identifying fans will prevent them from using violence and causing incidents in the stadium, because they know they will get caught.


  • If you take (extreme) measures to improve safety in your stadium, some fans will start to protest. Remember, these are probably not the fans you want in your stadium.


  • Fans feel safer when they are surrounded by people with the same educational and economical background. Try to attract stewards with different backgrounds and analyze where they would fit best in the stadium.


  • Try to train your stewards yourself. That way you know that they will be prepared for the challenges they have to face, and you can recognise leaders amongst new stewards.


  • Teach stewards to recognise weak and strong signals that can form a threat to the safety of the fans and teach them how to communicate these signals clearly and directly.


  • Create a loyalty program with (club-related) rewards to reward stewards and get a higher retention rate. Most of them are not in it for the money, but for their love for the club.


  • New technologies create new threats to the overall safety in the stadium but can also create new opportunities to improve safety. Embrace new technologies (CCTV system, biometric identification, social media, drones...) and look for opportunities to implement them in and around the stadium.


  • When it comes to keeping fans safe, a stadium can’t be looked at on its own. Control the stadium perimeter and use access zones to keep people safer.


  • Use social media to inform people about safety procedures well ahead of time. In case of an incident you can even use it to steer crowds and keep fans and their relatives informed.


  • All pyrotechnics are explosives and can cause severe injuries to fans, players or staff. Ideally you could keep pyrotechnics out of the stadium, alternatively you should inform fans, players and stewards about the dangers of pyrotechnics and what they should do when they encounter them.


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