ESSMA on tour: an interview with our corporate partner 3D Digital Venue

ESSMA considers it important to be in close contact with its members and corporate partners. Therefore, we also provide physical visits at appropriate times to catch up, listen to the needs of our stakeholders and evaluate cooperation. A few weeks ago, we visited Spain and met Lluis Pascual from 3D Digital Venue. They have been a partner of ESSMA since 2016, a fixture in our network by now. Their membership with ESSMA has already provided the necessary opportunities. We sat down with Lluis and are happy to share some interesting insights with you.

What exactly does 3D Digital Venue do? 

We provide 3D DIGITAL VENUE Management Solutions for Sports & Entertainment Industry across the World. MMC builds best of breed 360-degree 3D interactive solutions that deliver greater fan satisfaction, increase season ticket holder renewal rates and provide special viewing experiences for prospective VIP buyers... Around 70% of our revenues we make in the USA.

You have been a member of ESSMA for several years, but what is the added value for you of being a member of our community so far? 

We find it a great added value that at ESSMA we can be in direct contact with the clubs. We can make direct connections with them and also stay in close contact through, for example, ESSMA's Bundling app that was recently launched. It has already brought us a lot of interesting contacts so far. Networking is incredibly important, and ESSMA is an incredibly good platform for that.

Posted on 12/06/2023