ESSMA welcomes BioSec as a new Corporate Partner

BioSec recently joined ESSMA as a new Corporate Partner. BioSec is a R&D company specialised in (biometric) mass management, ticketing and access control. 


BioSec offers the world's first biometric palm vein recognition stadium security system with 100% personalised tickets, which only take one second to validate. Moreover, they offer a complete electronic ticketing and access control system (barcode/RFID/NFC).


“Working together with ESSMA gives us at BioSec the opportunity to meet European stadiums with an interest in our technology and security solutions.”






Their solutions are based on authentication systems, electronic access control and security protocols. By creating 100% personalised tickets, it contributes to the realisation of safe and family-friendly stadiums.


“With Biosec being the world leading developer of biometric identification solutions, ESSMA members will have the opportunity to implement a remarkable and exclusive technology to secure their stadiums.”


Dimitri Huygen - Managing Director




Since 2014, The Groupama Arena in Hungary is their first running project in the stadium industry to implement the palm vein recognition technology. Currently, the Hungarian Vasas Stadium is in progress of implementing it as well.



More information about BioSec


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