ESSMA welcomes Brussel Airport Consulting as new Corporate Partner

Brussels Airport Consulting has been added as Corporate Partner to the ESSMA Community. Their main goal is to support clients worldwide in leveraging their full potential with their proven methodologies and innovative solutions linked to Safety & Security and Flow Management.

Clients of Brussels Airport Consulting have been able to battle challenges including better managing the safety & security in a context of terrorism, increasing the efficiency of operations to solve complexity or anticipate new technologies that are changing the industry landscape, etc.

Their first reference in the stadium industry is Royal Antwerp FC where they increased the Security Maturity Level.

Brussels Airport Consulting decided to join ESSMA as we are confident that we can bring real added value by our thorough expertise and knowledge to all ESSMA Members regarding safety & security matters.

Bart Seuntjens - General Manager at Brussels Airport Consulting

Their services include security excellence and flow management to improve security without harming the supporter experience.

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