Fan attendance survey by EPFL during ESSMA Fan Entertainment Workshop

Some sixty members of the European Stadium & Safety Management Association (ESSMA) assembled for the sold-out Fan Entertainment Workshop in Turin, Italy, on 3-4 October. The venue for the two-day event was Allianz Stadium, home of Juventus FC.


Alberto Colombo, Deputy General Secretary of EPFL focused his presentation on fan attendance. The EPFL, which represents 32 European Leagues and Associations, works on a political and regulatory level with the stakeholders both in Europe and on a global level, as well as engaging with EU institutions.

Colombo confirmed that EPFL conducted a unique study on Fan Attendance. According the information that they gathered from 32 pro leagues across 25 European countries, one of the key findings was that fan attendances had grown exponentially from €126,6 million during the 2015/2016 season to €133,6 million for the 2016/2017 season

Furthermore, the study confirmed that clubs investing in marketing, placing a focus on safety and security experience higher attendance levels than other clubs. For example, French Ligue 1 clubs have significantly increased attendance due to the fact that there are now many new and renovated stadia following their hosting of the UEFA European Championships (EURO 2016).

Thanks to the vast database of EPFL, they can perform benchmarking tasks to assist clubs by providing the necessary tools. Technology, safety and security, connectivity and comfort at stadia all play a vital role when it comes to fan attendances. Colombo added that those leagues that are currently not performing well, need to implement development talks with all stakeholders and invest.

“Knowledge sharing is key. Clubs must be proactive and need to try to understand what the EPFL and ESSMA platforms can deliver for them!”

 Alberto Colombo, Deputy General of EPFL 

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