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Fans returning to stadium at FC Zenit - learnings and recording

Since June 21st, it has been possible for Russian football fans to return to the stadium on matchday. However, as stadiums capacity is limited to 10% in Russia nowadays and there are numerous additional regulations to take into account, this return is quite a challenge for stadium managers.

ESSMA had the opportunity to talk to Igor Pavlovich, responsible for security at FC Zenit, regarding all these evolutions, including a comprehensive presentation. You can find the fully recorded version on our Knowledge Platform.

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We are happy to draw your attention to some main learnings that could be useful for your own roadmap towards re-opening a stadium.

Learnings on the distribution of tickets towards fans:

  • The St Petersburg Stadium has a 65,000 capacity, with means there are 6,500 tickets available for the current matches. The first decision was to only allow season ticket holders into the stadium again. However, the number of season tickets holder rises to 15,000, which is twice the availability. This means all season ticket holders have the opportunity to be part of 50% of the remaining matches. The number of available seats is completely filled each match.

  • Ticket office has to manually create a scatter plan, to make sure everyone is spread in the stadium according to social distancing. Families are allowed to sit together, provided that they live in the same home. 

Learnings on the safety and hygienic measures

FC Zenit has taken thorough measures in the stadium to make sure every activity occurs in a safe manner:

  • The metro station closest by is closed so fans arrive more spread out
  • Half the entrances are closed, and extensive queuing lines are created with barriers and floor markings to keep all fans at the appropriate distance of 1,5 - 2 meters
  • Face masks and gloves are obligatory inside the stadium
  • Stewards check the body temperature at the entrance. If a spectator’s temperature is too high, a doctor comes in the picture to assess the person more thoroughly. A doctor is present at each entrance point.
  • Nevertheless, safety protocols like body searches remain active. Special precautions like special gloves and extra disinfection are part of the new body search.
  • A strict zoning and accreditation policy is active in the stadium
  • Catering stands are closed, however bottled water is available in the concourse

The presentation and full recording is available on our Knowledge Platform

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