FC Porto's Sustainable Odyssey: Navigating Challenges and Setting Benchmarks

Ms. Teresa Santos, Sustainability Manager for FC Porto, uncovers the club's progressive strides toward sustainability in professional sports venues

In an insightful interview with Ms. Teresa Santos, Sustainability Manager for FC Porto, we uncover the club's progressive strides toward sustainability in professional sports venues. From strategic approaches to partnerships, F&B initiatives to renewable energy practices, waste management to certifications, Ms. Santos provides a comprehensive overview of FC Porto's commitment to sustainability.

Evolution of Sustainability in Sports Venues

In the last decade, sustainability has become a central focus in professional sports, not only due to organisational demands but also heightened awareness within clubs about the positive and negative impacts they can make, according to Ms. Santos.

Challenges and Solutions

Top management commitment, resource allocation, and a long-term perspective are identified as key challenges in implementing sustainability strategies. Ms. Santos emphasises the need for top management buy-in and suggests showcasing the positive impacts on the local community, brand reputation, and long-term cost savings.

Collaboration with Partners and Suppliers

Partnerships and supplier collaborations play a crucial role in supporting sustainability objectives. FC Porto ensures that suppliers align with their values and contribute positively to sustainability. The club's sustainability efforts extend through partnerships, leveraging its exposure to make a broader impact.

Internal Cooperation for Integrated Sustainability

Cooperation among different departments within the club is highlighted as essential for successful sustainability integration. Ms. Santos points to the importance of open communication, shared objectives, and a unified commitment to maximize the impact of sustainability initiatives.

Sustainable F&B Initiatives

FC Porto has implemented several sustainable initiatives in their F&B practices, including reusable cups, food waste reduction projects, and donations to local organisations. These efforts contribute to a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible approach.

Embracing Renewable Energy

To combat the energy crisis, FC Porto has embraced renewable energy sources, installing over 2,000 photovoltaic panels across its infrastructures. This initiative not only benefits the club but also shares surplus energy with the local community, marking a significant step towards energy sustainability.

Waste Management Success

A remarkable 90% of matchday waste at FC Porto is recycled, thanks to a well-defined waste circuit, internal and external audits, and a commitment to proper waste segregation. The club's waste management strategy involves various waste points and a dedicated Waste Centre equipped for effective waste processing.

Certification and Future Commitments

FC Porto holds ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications since 2007 and aims to obtain the EMAS environmental declaration for the Estádio do Dragão and Dragão Arena. These certifications reflect the club's voluntary commitment to environmental management and quality.

Advice for Clubs Embarking on Sustainability

Ms. Santos provides valuable advice for clubs initiating sustainability strategies, emphasising the involvement of top management, internal analysis, goal definition, and transparent communication with stakeholders.

Inclusive Initiatives for Fans

FC Porto is dedicated to improving accessibility and inclusion for all fans, implementing initiatives such as external lifts, color coding for the color blind, volunteer support services, and inclusive summaries to cater to individuals with visual and hearing impairments.

Active Participation in European Projects

FC Porto actively participates in European projects like FREE KICKS and ACCESS, aiming to promote sustainable practices and circular economy solutions in sports organizations.

In conclusion, Ms. Teresa Santos sheds light on FC Porto's remarkable journey toward sustainability, offering valuable lessons and inspiration for the broader sports community. The club's commitment to inclusion and participation in impactful European projects reinforces its position as a socially responsible benchmark in the sports world. For more details on FC Porto's sustainability initiatives:

FREE KICKS: https://www.free-kicks.eu/

ACCESS: www.access-cc.eu

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