Findings of the large scale RESTART-19 event at Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig

The RESTART-19 research project (Risk prediction of indoor Sports and culture events for the transmission of COVID- 19) analysed different scenarios for indoor events, also including air flow simulations. One portion of the project was a concert in the Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig, part of RedBull Arena. During the concert, each participant received a contact tracer, a small device which collected the scientific data. The data was evaluated, modeled, calculated and verified over a period of several weeks.

The findings and corresponding science-based recommendations of the project of University Medicine Halle an der Saale (Germany) have been published. The findings might have an important impact providing the events industry and the cultural and sports sectors as well as political decision-makers with the necessary knowledge and strategies.

The key findings: 

  • Relatively limited number of “long” contacts (several minutes) during the event; can be further reduced through hygiene concepts.  
  • Ingress/admission and breaks are phases with highest contact numbers and should be one key focus of planning. 
  • Poor ventilation can significantly increase the number of people exposed to a risk of infection. 
  • Overall acceptance (90 %) for masks wearing during event amongst study participants. 
  • If hygiene concepts are adhered to, additional impacts on the pandemic as a whole are low to very low.

Based on their findings, the researchers have derived the following recommendations

  1. Adequate ventilation (technology) and a regular exchange of air are key for event venues. An evaluation system for suitable ventilation technology should be created. 
  2. Hygiene concepts are fundamental and must be in place for as long as the pandemic persists (i.e. use of face masks in the arena, hygiene stewards). 
  3. The seating plan and thus the number of guests should be adjusted based on incidence. 
  4. Prevent crowding and long periods of contact: access the venue through several entrances to director visitor flows, waiting areas outdoors and food consumption in the seating areas during the event

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