France's second oldest team plans complete renovation of stadium

As the most recent renovation dated from 1975, Stade Bauer was long time due for an in-depth renovation. In June 2019, Red Star FC, the club playing at Stade Bauer, announced plans to completely renovate its stadium into a multifunctional, modern stadium that can host the teams for years to come and support the ambition to grow.

The idea of multi-usage is being supported by the economic model for the renovated stadium, including commercial spaces and spaces for community use.

Urban development adds value for neighborhood

The opening for the new stadium is scheduled for 2023. The new stadium will be part of a wider urban development project designed to reflect, what they are calling, a “Brooklyn spirit”. The complete project will feature around 40,000m2 of mixed-use development including shops, offices, collaborative workspaces, health centres, leisure areas and entertainment areas. It also intends to be a cultural and artistic destination through the development of a concert hall with a capacity of 200 to 300 people, recording studios and a bar or restaurant.

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