Golden State Warriors: how technology is helping to improve the fan-less experience in times of COVID-19

During the Connected Experience track, Jen Millet - Senior Vice President of Marketing at Golden State Warriors - shared a lot of interesting initiatives and features which have been implemented at Chase Center over the past two years with ESSMA Spotlight participants.

A fan-less experience 

The 18,000 capacity Chase Center, home of Golden State Warriors, opened in 2019. As they designed the venue themselves, they had the opportunity to think and create their own personal end-to-end fan journey with all the necessary touchpoints. 

Similar to sports venues and clubs worldwide, they had to rethink their fan experience with three main questions: 1. How do we maintain a strong connection with our fans? 2. How to create a home advantage for our players? 3.How do we deliver on the value for our corporate sponsors?

Golden State Warriors focused its solutions on service-oriented technology with their virtual fan zone as one of their most interesting initiatives. Each game, 120 fans are invited to a virtual courtside experience in which they can not only watch the game but also interact with each other. Furthermore, the club created ‘Dub Hub’. A virtual tunnel where players can interact with 20 fans to pump them up prior to the game.

An app built from the ground up

The app, which was launched in August 2020, is created both for Golden State Warriors and Chase Center. The emphasis lies on serving global fans with stats and team content while at the same time connecting with local fans and consumers with additional features such as digital wayfinding, ordering F&B, managing your e-ticket, etc.

We continue to build new features and look for now optimization opportunities (for our mobile app) and we will look to pull from technologies and best practices across all types of businesses as we need the meets of consumers going forward.

A premium experience for all

Technology and connectivity are at the heart of Chase Center. The 25x16 meter scoreboard with 25 million pixels in the middle of the arena cannot go unnoticed. It creates added value in the storytelling approach of Golden State Warriors. 

Technology is about removing barriers and friction for fans.

In addition, the venue has leveraged 5G technology since last year. During a Chainsmokers concert, fans could enjoy a 5G experience via an AR lens. Lastly, all suites at the venue are smart suites, with e.g. wireless phone charging pads. Later this year, fans will even be able to control the TV in their suite themselves with the app. 

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