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Highlighting our 2nd ESSMA Safety & Security workshop partner: Dallmeier

ESSMA is glad to announce that Dallmeier is an official sponsor of this year’s Safety and Security workshop in the Allianz Arena in München. A stadium that doesn’t have any secrets for Dallmeier. In 2013, the company completely overhauled the former video surveillance system at Allianz Arena and installed the pioneering Panomera® system throughout the whole stadium. A major upgrade from the previous system, only one management system is needed to secure the 75.000 seat complex.


Dallmeier provides accurate and complete surveillance systems with less operating costs due to the use of fewer, but more high quality, cameras. With the introduction of the Panomera® camera system back in 2011, Dallmeier created a surveillance system that can cover the entire inside of a football stadium in high resolution and even includes a multiple zoom function. This also comes in handy in several other locations in and around the stadium, like the parking lot. With this ground-breaking technology Dallmeier proves their relevance to the safety & security scene once more.

Video on how to plan video surveillance projects in 3D

"The Panomera® systems are an extremely beneficial investment for preventing incidents and most importantly for identifying offenders, particularly with regard to the prohibited fireworks, which are unfortunately becoming more and more popular."-
Jaromir Hamouz, Business & Marketing Manager, Viktoria Plzeň