How AS Roma increased its online ticketing conversion rate with a VR solution

The increasingly fast evolution of technology and consumer demand, is causing the football sector to evolve and implement new technologies to enhance the fan experience. ESSMA’s Corporate Partner 3D Digital Venue builds 360-degree 3D interactive ticketing solutions that aim to enhance the fan experience to increase season ticket holder renewals and provide unique viewing experiences for potential VIPs. By using the technology, fans are able to experience a 3D view of their allocated seat in the stadium.


3D Digital Venue supported AS Roma as they were facing a series of challenges that made the buying process difficult and undermined the experience of fans when purchasing tickets online. One of the most relevant problems faced was the existence of too many pricing areas, which made it difficult for fans to make a decision. The objective was to get people interested in buying a ticket with as few clicks as possible. To ensure its highest quality of consumer satisfaction, AS Roma decided to include 3D Digital Venue and VivaTicket as part of the final solution.




The integration of the 3DDIGITALVENUE PLATFORM solution has enabled fans to check interactive 3D 360 degree views from all seats of the stadium prior to purchasing their tickets. As a result, AS Roma augmented drastically its conversion rate. The integration of the VR solution also made the web traffic rise, and in consequence, the number of sales. This has been a huge step forward for the club, which has made possible to decongest the offices and accelerate ticket sales in an online environment.


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