How to build the best fan zone - insights from our webinar

Today, about a quarter of stadiums are equipped with a fan zone. On May 7th, we focussed on this trend with Cristiano Vieira of Benfica SL and Thomas Skøv Petersen of Brøndby IF in the second ESSMA webinar.

The criteria to select the most suitable fan zone were discussed, and we zoomed into the experiences of Benfica SL and Brøndby IF. The significant financial investment and lack of space seem to be the biggest hurdles to start the project. Nevertheless, once installed, fan zones generate numerous benefits. SL Benfica and Brøndby IF have taken the step several years ago and shared some best practices today in our webinar.
Three highlights that are definitely worth remembering

1) Discuss the composition of the fan zone with stakeholders.

Get a broad discussion going with your fans, marketing department, sponsors, or local food truck owners. This early involvement will lead to more a larger support and succes of the fan zone, once it is opened.

2) Do think about enough furniture!

One of the first things both SL Benfica and Brøndby If had to adjust after opening was the number of tables and seats. Fans were uncomfortable without enough place to consume their purchase from the food trucks. Luckily, this issue was quickly resolved in both cases. 

3) Fan zones are useful in multi-usage strategy.

Today, most fan zones are only used on matchdays. SL Benfica has experimented with a kids day in the fan zone and has the fan zone participate in a local food festival. Also Brøndby IF has opened their fan zone for a few local summer events. Good results were obtained and it is absolutely a scenario worth further elaborating in the future.

Access the full presentations

Be sure to discover the presentation of Benfica SL and Brøndby IF and recorded version of the webinar on our ESSMA Knowledge Platform.

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