How is the cooperation between stadium operators and their catering partners?

Following an Ask ESSMA request from PGE Narodowy Arena, ESSMA analysed the most common best practices regarding matchday catering partners as well as how the catering facilities will be adjusted due to COVID-19.

The full analysis regarding outsourcing of catering partners, how to pay your catering partners, which type of contracts are used, the average length of the contract and the F&B range can be accessed on the ESSMA Knowledge Platform.

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Some insights

Adjustments to stadium catering due to COVID-19

All stadiums in the survey indicated that they will have to make some changes to matchday catering due to the impact of COVID-19. 37% of clubs were able to give some more insights on the upcoming changes in stadium catering after COVID-19:

  • F&B products: no more “Grab & Go” products, adjusting food packaging with individual packaging, in closed containers & completely compostable,...

  • Payment methods: higher percentage of cashless tills, move towards contactless payment and limiting touchpoints

  • Avoid long queuing: digital solution (IPTV & tracking) to avoid queues at concession points, queue busters, signage and markings on the floor to keep fans 1.5 metres apart

  • PPE’s and staff protection: developing H&S protocols, PPE for all service and kitchen staff, aryl glass,..

How are catering partners paid?

  • They receive a fixed fee and a commission

  • They receive a commission (certain %) based on the F&B revenue

  • They receive a fixed fee agreed upon in the contract

  • The club takes a certain percentage of the F&B revenue

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