How FC København is bringing flexibility to its season ticket holders based on the Netflix approach

FC København is approaching its season ticket holders through what the club is calling ‘the Netflix model’. Both in terms of paying via subscription and how they are reaching out to their (potentials) fans based on curated content and media consumption. Jacob Lauesen, Director Brand Marketing & Development at FC København, elaborated their approach during our ESSMA Summit.

Interview with Jacob Lauesen:


What were the main reasons that drove FC København towards the subscription model?

We discovered that it’s a hurdle to make a season-long commitment, especially among our younger fans. Two years ago we tested this subscription model and we saw incredible results. After testing the model for a full year, we registered only a 3% unsubscription rate and a 90% renewal rate. So we are both capturing new fans and at the same time we can say that they become more loyal.

 “With our new ticketing approach we can run campaigns throughout the whole season, while capturing fans for longer than just one matchday ticket.”

Were you able to tackle the issue of no-shows?

The issue of no-shows remains with our new subscription model. And maybe it’s even a larger issue as we can see a higher no-show rate during the less attractive matches. However, fans show up pretty regularly.

In addition, we’re working with a new ticketing model this season where fans have to tell us whether or not they are joining the match. This feature provides us with accurate data of which fans are showing up to the match. In time, we’ll convert the two models together and fans will receive a small discount if they notify us of their present or absence.

“When we start with the renewal of the upcoming season, around 50% of our season ticket holders and subscribers will already be present.”

What is the main advantage of this Netflix based ticketing approach?

The sales period of season tickets is relatively short, it’s only from the end of the season until the beginning of the upcoming season. However, with our new approach, we can attract fans from a longer period than just one match all season round. For example, in March we will have three matches so this is a great moment to capture new subscribers for a longer period.

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