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How FC København improved safety during away games

During ESSMA’s Safety & Security Workshop in Copenhagen, Leif Bjørn - Security Manager at Telia Parken - explained more about FC København’s away system, used to identify fans during away games.

The FCK Away System was first introduced in July 2008. FC København realised that they needed a new system to identify their fans during away games, as it would enable them to punish fans if they misbehaved in the stadium. 

Database registration

The introduction meant that all FC København fans, wanting to join during away games; needed to be registered in the FCK Away database. Fans need to register in the database with their name, address, telephone number, e-mail, height, date of birth and a photo. Registration in the database should take a fan no longer than 5 minutes but they have to do it well in advance of the match they want to visit as registration on the day of the match is not possible. 

How does it work?

  • The system can easily be moved to any stadium but only with the permission of the host stadium
  • It consists of several control posts where fans have to scan their ticket
  • 9 to 10 stewards or spotters are needed to support the system
  • If the scanner shows a green frame around the fan’s picture, the fan is allowed to enter the stadium. If it shows a red frame, the fan will have to talk to a steward and might be denied access to the stadium


Initially, there was a loss of away supporters in the first year due to boycotts. But after a while fans accepted the system and the number of away fans returned back to normal. As of 2018, 35.000 fans had registered in the FCK Away system and the support during away games has actually increased. Even though the FCK Away system does not prevent violence and vandalism in itself, it does increase the chances of perpetrators being caught and therefore can have a preventive effect.

 Main takeaways

  • Identifying and registering fans is a good way to make sure they behave during away games
  • When introducing a database for fans during away games, there can be a loss of away fans during the first games, but eventually fans will see that this only makes the stadium safer
  • A fan that is not willing to register in the database is probably not a fan that you want to bring to the stadium
  • Fans can register themselves in the database via an online platform and can only buy tickets once they are registered
  • The system is easy to use and easy to transport with 9 to 10 stewards/spotters to support the scanners 
  • The system does not stop violence but decreases the chances of violent incidents happening, because all the fans have been identified and know that they will be punished if they misbehave


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