How GelreDome and BV Vitesse implemented a smart surveillance project to ensure a safe venue

During ESSMA’s Safety & Security Workshop, Leo van der Vliet - Safety Manager at BV Vitesse - shared insights on the club’s smart surveillance pilot programme to ensure a safe GelreDome.

“30% of the match experience is determined by the attractiveness of a match. Therefore 70% of the total (spectators) match experience has nothing to do with what happens on the pitch during 90 minutes.”

Smart surveillance pilot programme

BV Vitesse joined the smart surveillance project with as goal that events are perceived as as great and hassle-free experiences without any issues by implementing innovative measures against disorder and violence. The core approach is that the security staff is able to:

  • Handle people that are under influence and/or showing aggressive behaviour. By providing stewards with a training on how to handle alcohol, drugs and aggression.
  • Identify - in an early stage - deviant behavior by integrating predictive profiling: What is normal behaviour? Which choke points and triggers can be present during the event? Furthermore it is important to observe all spectators and if necessary ask them the correct questions to assess the situation


How was the project perceived?

The pilot project has been trialled during risk matches of BV Vitesse (for example against Feyenoord Rotterdam) and during concerts such as Qlimax. Security staff and police succeeded to identify in an early stage and to act on disorderly people with deviant behaviour. For staff the smart surveillance method is a strong mix between safety, security, hospitality and service. Spectators were positive about the approach as well. Furthermore, there were less restrictions for home fans wanted to buy tickets and it even resulted in a higher ticket revenue.

Key learnings for the smart surveillance project:

  •  First of all, it is important that the higher management understands the importance. Secondly, decide what the best way is to implement it in your infrastructure. Furthermore, it is important to decide where to position your security staff as well as police.
  • Enhance the fan experience by integrating a service-oriented approach for stewards.
  • Educate current and new staff on new training procedures and make sure they understand the ‘why'.
  • Cooperate with your security partner.
  • Mutual trust and co-orporation is essential. If stewards catch someone, the police should be able to act on it as well.


 Learn more about the smart surveillance project

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