How to increase online fan engagement: highlights from our workshop

Now stadium experiences are again prohibited in the majority of European countries, the question is ever so important.

How to engage properly with fans online and how to interact in meaningful way? 131 participants registered for the workshop on this topic and some lessons were there to be learned!

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Increasing online communication with fans is high on clubs’ agenda nowadays.

All clubs aim at a larger online presence, with more messages or videos on social media for instance. As Kerry Keegan said, the key to success is to create mutually rewarding relationships online. In order to do that, the focus is primarily on club-driven content: staff interviews, recaps of historic matches and interviews with old players. 

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The development of virtual matchday experiences are on the rise.

During the workshop, no less than 71% of the participants indicated an interest in providing virtual matchday experiences for their fanbase. Although there is still a lot of work ahead, virtual season tickets on a broadcasting platform seem a viable concept in the near future.

Good community support contributes to the fan engagement of fans

As of the first general lockdown was a fact, Stoke City immediately asked themselves how they could contribute. They launched an outreach programme with e.g.  players calling the more vulnerable supporters. This kind of actions are more common, nevertheless Stoke City made a difference through maintaining the contacts and increasing communication in several formats. Big steps were made in the increase of digital engagement of their fan base The supporters council and club work closer together than ever to identify issues, help-out where possible and result in a higher club loyalty and engagement than before. 

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Outlook beyond COVID-19: improving fan experience in the stadium with various concepts

The implementation of fan zones and the expansion of entertainment surrounding matchday are thought off as stadium improvements that would significantly increase the overall fan experience in stadiums. The Golden 1 Center delivered inspiration today with concepts bringing frictionless stadium experiences to a next level. The friction less stadium shop was definitely an idea worth remembering! 

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