How introducing the Final Four boosted the Allianz Cup

Paulo Mariz Rozeira - Director of Legal Affairs at Liga Portugal - focused his presentation on the Final Four and how it boosted the Allianz Cup during the ESSMA Summit in Porto.

Enhancing fan experience through a new competition format

The Allianz Cup underwent a root-and-branch reform three years ago as it was a complex competition model with qualifiers, a group stage and additional play-offs. To make it more appealing, Liga Portugal decided to introduce the Final Four concept. The semifinals and the final are now held within one week at one hosting venue. The Final Four are set to be played in Estádio Municipal de Braga, home of Sporting Clube de Braga, until 2020. 
The Final Four is characterised by a full week programme of activities for the fans and the local community. In addition to the Final Four matches, there is a large fan zone. Furthermore, a mini-stadium was created to host women football, an inter-school tournament and even an eSports competition. In line with the President’s Summit, Liga Portugal launched the Thinking Football forums. A week filled with meetings where managers, football federations, media officers, referees and team captains discuss the establishment of the football industry. 

Field of Dreams

Liga Portugal is pleased to implement a social responsibility programme to give something back to the community. Along with a team of famous ambassadors, they promote a more just and equitable society based on five core values: tolerance, togetherness, respect, education and commitment. In practical terms, the programme consists of several projects. The Field of Dreams project brings children to the stadium and gives them the opportunity to meet their favourite players. 

What we can learn from Paulo Mariz Rozeira's presentation:

  • Be creative in your competition format
  • A fan zone offers an added value for the fans, as well as for the community
  • Not only create activities for the fans but also for industry professionals 
  • Create and implement social responsibility programmes to provide equal opportunities


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