How LaLiga ensures high-quality pitches by integrating performance quality standards

Pedro Fernández-Bolaños - Grounds Quality Manager at LaLiga - will share insights on why and how LaLiga is supporting all 42 matchday pitches to ensure the highest pitch quality possible during ESSMA’s Pitch Management e-Workshop on 6 October.

LaLiga Television Broadcast Regulation

The LaLiga Television Broadcast Regulations not only requires clubs to provide a pitch that is safe for the players and behaves in a uniform way, but one that is in the best possible visual state for TV broadcast. Therefore, aspects such as the hardness and resistance of the turf, and the uniformity of colour on the grass, are emphasised.

Introduction of the Greenkeeper app

On the Greenkeeper app, clubs in LaLiga Santander and LaLiga 1l2l3 receive detailed reports on the condition of the pitches, replacing a paper report that previously had to be completed.

Club ground staff can use the app to register all necessary details of the pitch, from the local weather forecast, the last time the surface was used, how hard the ground is and the irrigation programmes being used.

Prior to the introduction of the application, clubs would need to submit paper reports on these details for each fixture in LaLiga and the Copa del Rey. The new digital format not only makes the job faster but makes the data easier to share between club staff and LaLiga.

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