How to maximize your duty of care in the new normal - proactively ?

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a huge impact on the stadium industry. Now fans are slowly starting to return to the stadium, new questions arise.

How to integrate the new hygienic measure with fan experience? How can operations improve the process? Our Stadium Partner 24/7 Software has some insights on the topic worth sharing:

Extract from video:

Question: What can I do now to prepare our organization in the tool for re-welcoming fans to the stadium?

Answer: “Here’s what you can do now to prepare for re-welcoming and after.”

  • Notify your full-time, part-time, and temporary employees with real-time updates of what’s occurring on your property – from COVID-19 cases to scheduling to critical protocol changes.
  • Maintain your incident management effectiveness by tracking all incidents that occur, especially as vendors and employees continue their on-property duties.
    • Track incidents that occur from anywhere, with limited employees on the property and others working from home. Your software keeps the operation agile.
    • Prepare your property for its reopening by tracking and documenting any incidents that occur during the final push to business as usual.
  • Use the CMMS web form to track all vendor-related requests and work.
    • Have a record of when & where vendors perform work on your property and what they’ve completed.
    • Automatically notify need-to-know personnel for follow-up sanitation protocols (e.g., Dispatch Housekeeping to sanitize the associated work location).
  • Conduct daily and weekly inspections to ensure adequately sanitized locations and equipment
    • Do you need to fail an inspection? Automatically notify the necessary employees.
    • Failed inspections can result in a work order being sent to and created in the CMMS for prompt resolution.
    • Schedule and conduct routine security tours to ensure the safety of employees and security throughout your property.
  • Create daily cleanliness and sanitation tasks to be completed on time. Track their status with ease.
    • Use your communicator app to update tasks to Completed in real time
  • Manage a log of where people are on your property ant what they are doing
    • Reduce risk by keeping a log that timestamps everything occurring on your property. Ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
    • Track all activities that support and lead up to your reopening date.

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