How Section Paloise takes action to improve sustainability

Last Friday we hosted our fourth ESSMA Connect session where Sylvain Caliman - Stadium Manager at Section Paloise - joined us to talk all about the sustainability initiatives taking place at the French rugby club.

Taking action to improve sustainability

Being located in the Pyrenees, nature is a very important aspect at the club. Therefore, Section Paloise tries to improve their sustainability efforts by focussing on three areas:

  • Energy impact
  • Waste management
  • Biodiversity

Many projects on these topics already have been completed or are being worked on. For example, the club has planted 1915 trees in Peru, they have removed their paper match journals, they are recycling their coffee cups and much more.

Their most interesting initiative is the launch of their 100% green and recycled fan jersey made from the equivalent of 13 0.5L bottles. The club installed a bottle collector at their training ground to collect these bottles aiming to improve recycling as part of the launch of the first eco-designed fan jersey. The next step is to launch eco-designed match- and training jerseys for the upcoming 2021/22 season.

The eco-designed jersey from Section Paloise

Thanks to our control and monitoring board we can check the projects’ progress, creating a continuous evaluation. This will help us achieve our goals such as a responsible operating model, social and local actions and more.

Fair Play For Planet label

Following the club's actions, Section Paloise has been awarded their first star of the French Fair Play For Planet label. The label aims to recognise clubs and sporting events that are genuinely committed to the environment.

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