How Stadium Operations Software increases safety and efficiency

ESSMA proudly presents our newest industry report with a focus on stadium operations software. Aiming to inform the stadium industry about the current landscape, elements, and benefits of stadium operations software (SOS), ESSMA organised a survey amongst 29 members and interviewed eight experts to create our Stadium Operations Software Report.

How to define stadium operations software?

In our report you can learn all about real-time awareness, digital documentation, direct communication and more. In order to understand the effect of SOS on these topics, we asked our experts to offer us a definition of stadium operations software. This is what they agreed upon:

“Stadium operations software is a tool that allows you to plan and manage your stadium efficiently. It gives you the right information to know what is happening in real-time and react immediately. A good system helps organisations to manage and more importantly collect data, to learn lessons and subsequently grow as an organisation”

Current use of stadium operations software 

39,3% of stadium operators are currently working with a stadium operations software, while 95% believe that stadium operations software would help them streamline stadium operations.

But why would you integrate stadium operations software in your venue?

Participants in our survey indicate that the goals they want to achieve by using stadium operations software are mainly linked to guaranteeing supporter safety and increasing efficiency on matchdays. 

Make sure to read the full report with:

  • Case studies at Tottenham Hotspur, Borussia Mönchengladbach, FC Porto and Marylebone Cricket Club

  • Interviews with our industry experts from 24/7 Software, Opinsta, VenueAware and Safesight

  • Results and insights from our survey

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